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First Impressions: Brightkite

I received an invite to the other day and first impressions are that it’s a pretty cool idea. Think of the messaging of a twitter/plurk but based more around your current location. So instead of just putting your current status you also “check in” to where you are. There’s a search field on every page, where you go in and type out the location of where you are, wether you know the exact address or just the zip code the search will return your location where you can “check in” if you want and see what activity is going on around you. Continue reading

by Gabe Diaz
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Redesign, WordPress Powered

4th version of my site is proudly powered by a Wordpress backend. For now I still need to make major updates across the board but I felt that I should start to slowly let things go live because if I wait any longer I may never get this up and running. Continue reading

by Gabe Diaz
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