My Pleasure Pet


Flash, Photoshop

Flash Designer/Developer

Description/Role: was an online initiative to bring to life the revamped Penthouse Magazine in a fun manner by “playing” with the current Pet of the Year, Heather Vandeven. Developed by Sugartown Creative, was a sexy/naughty Subservient Chicken.

Due to the site launch building up momentum(via launch party invitations), there was the need for a placeholder until the actual site went live. A countdown timer was a fun way to keep the momentum going and an outlet to give those early site visitors a definitive launch date.

Technical Challenge:

About Gabe Diaz

Gabe Diaz is web professional and consultant focusing on design and development, currently based out of South FL. When not geeking out on the internet you will find him spending time with his children. You can also find him on Google+: +Gabe Diaz, Twitter: @GabeDiaz and Facebook: GabeDiaz.

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